Team GB Men Lose out To Canada In Second Game of Olympics

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Team GB’s men’s curling team rallied hard in their second game of the Olympic Games against Team Canada but eventually lost out 6-4 to the two time world champions.

Canada skipped by Kevin Koe claimed a two in the first and the third end and from there made a strong defence of their lead despite Kyle Smith’s rink securing singles at the second, fifth and a steal at the sixth end in an attempt to overturn it. However the Canadians, defending the title their compatriots Team Jacobs won four years ago in Sochi were not derailed by the concerted efforts of the young British team who took some consolation from narrowing the winning margin.

“It was disappointing to suffer our first loss of the tournament but it was pleasing in a way because we didn’t start very well and we were playing one of the best teams in the world defending a lead, so we came back and we had a chance at the end,” said Smith.

“We played a really good sixth end and we managed to create a steal there and narrowed the gap a bit and we forced at the seventh and it was just a pity we couldn’t convert a two at the eighth to tie the game up. They then ran us out of stones.

“They have an abundance of experience in their team and you know you have to be at your best to play a team like that and unfortunately we weren’t quite at ours today.

“It’ great to have started at the Olympics and we have got something here that we can build on for the rest of the week. Our team is extremely competitive, it doesn’t matter who we are going to play against we just have the will to win and it is great that there is such a nice atmosphere in the arena and it is encouraging to play in that kind of environment “

The Team GB women are back on ice after winning their opener and have a two game day tomorrow, playing USA and then China, whilst the men play Japan.

Competition schedule (GMT) and results:

14 February
00.05 GB v Switzerland (men) 6-5
05.05 GB v OAR (women) 10-3
11.05 GB v Canada (men) 6-4

15 February
00.05 GB v USA (women)
05.05 GB v Japan (men)
11.05 GB v China (women)

16 February
11.05 GB v Sweden (men)

17 February
11.05 GB v Denmark (women)
05.05 GB v Korea (men)
11.05 GB v Korea (women)

18 February
05.05 GB v Sweden (women)
11.05 GB v Italy (men)

19 February
05.05 GB v Denmark (men)
11.05 GB v Switzerland (women)

20 February
00.05 GB v Norway (men)
05.05 GB v Japan (women)

21 February
00.05 GB v Canada (women)
11.05 GB v USA (men)

22 February
00.05 Tiebreakers men and women
11.05 Semi finals (men)

23 February
06.30 Bronze (men)
11.05 Semi finalsl (women)

24 February
06.30 Final (men)
11.05 Bronze (women)

25 February
00.05 Final (women)


Photo: WCF / Richard Gray

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